Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Suggested by Kristen P.

Definition: (from dictionary.com)
1. pathology
a. any attack of painful spasms characterized by sensations of choking or suffocating
b. any disease of the throat or fauces

"He had a bad case of angina."
"Her angina was acting up and she had to leave the party."

Origin: (from etymonline.com)
"1570s, from Latin angina 'infection of the throat,' from Greek ankhone 'a strangling' (see anger); probably influenced in Latin by angere 'to throttle.' Angina pectoris is from 1744, from Latin pectoris, genitive of pectus 'chest' (see pectoral (adj.))."

Awkwardness rating: 10

My angina is out of control! (mommasays.net)


  1. I love that I'm on here, hahahaha.

    and I win the awkward word award!

  2. Having angina must be bad enough, but having to say "I have angina"...