Monday, February 2, 2009


Definition: (from
1. the ball or globe of the eye
2. informal. eyeballs: people who view or read something
-verb (used with object)
3. informal. to look at, check, or observe closely
4. slang. give (someone) the hairy eyeball. to look at (someone) with eyelids partly lowered, as in hostility or distrust

"I think there is something on my eyeball."
"Place the contact lens on the center of your eyeball."

Origin: (from
"also eye-ball, 1580s, from eye (n.) + ball (n.1). As a verb, 1901, American English slang."

Awkwardness rating: 8

Some eyeballs are made to be eaten! (

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  1. you know, i never really thought about eyeball as an awkward word, but it is really awkward now that i think about it. wow, this is enlightening.