Sunday, February 15, 2009


Definition: (from
1. moderately or slightly wet; damp
2. (of the eyes) tearful
3. accompanied by or connected with liquid or moisture
4. (of the air) having high humidity

"The sheets in that cheap hotel were moist."
"The brownies were so moist and delicious."

Origin: (from
"late 14c., 'moist, wet; well-irrigated,' from Old French moiste 'damp, wet, soaked' (13c., Modern French moite), from Vulgar Latin *muscidus 'moldy,' also 'wet,' from Latin mucidus 'slimy, moldy, musty,' from mucus 'slime.' Alternative etymology [Diez] is from Latin musteus 'fresh, green, new,' literally 'like new wine,' from musteum 'new wine' (see must (n.1)). If this wasn't the source, it influenced the form of the other word in Old French."

Awkwardness rating: 8

So moist. So delicious. (


  1. This guy I knew hated the words "moist, pleasure, and panties" so as a joke we bought him an xxl pair of panties, wrote pleasure on them, and put them in water, and then left them on his pillow! tee hee hee...

  2. ..moist yeah can be a pretty nasty word....though apparently here in Hungary they use it to mean cool? There English not so good...miss you <3 Chelsea