Friday, April 29, 2011


Definition: (from
1. also called dishcloth gourd, rag gourd
a. any of several tropical vines of the genus Luffa, of the gourd family, bearing large, elongated fruit
b. the fruit of such a vine
2. also called vegetable sponge. the dried, fibrous interior of this fruit, used as a sponge

"My favorite part of the bath and body section in the drugstore is all the colorful loofahs!"
"Natural loofahs come from the luffa plant. Some people eat it too so they are clean inside and out!"

Origin: (from
"1887, from Egyptian Arabic lufah, the name of the plant (Luffa Ʀgyptiaca) with fibrous pods from which flesh-brushes are made."

Awkwardness rating: 5

A small section of the loofah rainbow. (

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