Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Definition: (from dictionary.com)
1. a large herbivorous mammal, Hippopotamus amphibius, having a thick hairless body, short legs, and a large head and muzzle, found in and near the rivers, lakes, etc., of Africa, and able to remain under water for a considerable time

"I am hungry as a hippopotamus."
"A hippopotamus has a better chance of being skinny than you do of getting that girl's number."

Origin: (from etymonline.com)
"1560s, from Late Latin hippopotamus, from Greek hippopotamus 'riverhorse' (earlier ho hippos ho potamios 'the horse of the river'), from hippos 'horse' (see equine) + potamos 'river, rushing water' (see potamo-). Replaced Middle English ypotame (c.1300), which is from the same source but via Old French. Glossed in Old English as sæhengest."

Awkwardness rating: 4

A baby hippo for your enjoyment. (1funny.com)

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