Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Definition: (from dictionary.com)
1. a fool or simpleton

"You actually believed me when I said that unicorns exist? You're not gullible; you're a nincompoop."
"She is a nincompoop. She takes blonde to a whole other level."

Origin: (from etymonline.com)
"1670s, nicompoop. Despite similarity [noted by Johnson] to Latin legal phrase non compos mentis 'insane, mentally incompetent' (c.1600), the connection is denied by etymologists because the earliest forms lack the second -n-. Weekley thinks first element may be a proper name, and cites Nicodemus, which he says was used in French for 'a fool,' or Nicholas. Klein says probably an invented word."

Awkwardness rating: 9

Unicorns: a nincompoop's fantasy pet. (bingebehavior.com)

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