Thursday, September 27, 2012


Definition: (from
-verb, used with object
1. to cloud over; becloud; obscure

"The sky began to obnubilate and the rain soon followed."
"It seemed like he was trying to obnubilate the facts to confuse me."

Origin: (from
"1580s, from L. obnibulatus, pp. of obnubilare 'to cover with clouds or fog,' from ob- (see ob-) + verb from L. nubes 'cloud' (see nuance)."

Awkwardness rating: 6

A cloud's favorite activity is to obnubilate. (

Friday, September 14, 2012


Definition: (from
1. a close or intimate companion
2. a roommate, as at college

"A glass of milk is like an Oreo's best chum - you can't have one without the other!"
"I never thought a sponge and a starfish could be chums, but Spongebob and Patrick have proved me wrong!"

Origin: (from
"'friend,' 1680s, university slang, alternative spelling of cham, short for chamber(mate), typical of the late-17c. fondness for clipped words. Among derived forms used 19c. were chumship; chummery 'shared bachelor quarters,' chummage 'system of quartering more than one to a room.'"

Awkwardness rating: 5

Although Spongebob and Patrick are chums, they spend very
little time at the Chum Bucket. (