Monday, July 1, 2013


Suggested by Deven T.

Definition: (from
- adjective
1. next after the eleventh; being the ordinal number for 12
2. being one of 12 equal parts
3. a twelfth part, especially of one (1/12 )
4. the twelfth member of a series

"I will go out with you on the twelfth of never."
"Nothing rhymes with twelfth - it's that awkward of a word."

Origin: (from
"Old English twelfta, cognate with Old Norse tolfti, Old Frisian twelefta, Old High German zwelifto, German zwölfte. Old English twelftan niht 'Twelfth Night,' the eve of Epiphany, which comes twelve days after Christmas, formerly was a time of merrymaking."

Awkwardness rating: 5

Don't cry orange, twelfth feels your pain. (

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