Friday, February 7, 2014


Suggested by Chris H.

Definition: (from
-verb (used without object)
1. to make or use gestures, especially in an animated or excited manner with or instead of speech
-verb (used with object)
2. to express by gesturing

"Chris frequently gesticulates during his stories and knocks things over."
"Charades is a great time to show off how well you can gesticulate."

Origin: (from
"c.1600, from Latin gesticulatus, past participle of gesticulari 'to gesture, mimic,' from gesticulus 'a mimicking gesture,' diminutive of gestus 'gesture, carriage, posture (see gest)."

Awkwardness rating: 9

He can gesticulate with the best of them. (

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  1. I had a confusion about the word twizzle but your post just cleared it up haha. Thank you for writing on this and good luck for your future posts.