Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Definition: (from dictionary.com)
-verb (used with object)
1. to bite or chew on, especially persistently
2. to wear away or remove by persistent biting or nibbling
3. to form or make by so doing
4. to waste or wear away; corrode; erode
5. to trouble or torment by constant annoyance, worry, etc.; vex; plague

"In the summer I look forward to gnawing on corn on the cob."
"Why does my dog gnaw on my shoes so much?"

Origin: (from etymonline.com)
"Old English gnagan (past tense *gnog, past participle gnagan) 'to gnaw,' a common Germanic word (cf. Old Saxon gnagan, Old Norse, Swedish gnaga, Middle Dutch, Dutch knagen, Old High German gnagan, German nagen 'to gnaw'), probably imitative of gnawing."

Awkwardness rating: 3

I would never gnaw on your shoe!