Monday, February 15, 2016


Definition: (from
1. an implement edged with rubber or the like, for removing water from windows after washing, sweeping water from wet decks, etc.
2. a similar and smaller device, as for removing excess water from photographic negatives or prints or for forcing paint, ink, etc., through a porous surface, as in serigraphy
-verb (used with object)
3. to sweep, scrape, or press with or as if with a squeegee
4. to force (paint, ink, etc.) through a screen in making a silk-screen print

"She'll need a squeegee to get all that makeup off of her face."
"The Williams sisters will not play on a tennis court that isn't properly squeegeed after a rainstorm."

Origin: (from
"'wooden scraping instrument with a rubber blade,' 1844, a nautical word originally, perhaps from squeege 'to press' (1782), an alteration of squeeze (v.). Later in photography, then window-washing."

Awkwardness rating: 7

The legendary squeegee. (